Total renovation of a 4.5 room apartment in via del sole, lugano.

complete renovation of the floors, by remaking the grout in some areas, including the repositioning of the new pipes and consolidation of the existing ones, flooring in 100x100 stoneware tiles with a marble effect, with baseboards in the same material applied to the walls.
demolition of three doors and two walls and creation of an open space containing the living room and kitchen. closure and restoration of the affected areas and renewal of the walls by plastering and applying dispersion paint. realization of custom-made kitchen and its covering in sassuolo, italy. stoneware and counters in white marble effect, stoneware with groove to accommodate the LED and front panels of doors and drawers in black marble effect.
creation of custom-made furniture for bathrooms, replacement of sanitary ware, sinks, shower cubicles, whirlpool tubs and taps both wall and floor cladding with large-format stoneware slabs. on the wall 80x180 cm slabs with 60x80 tread pattern with marble effect, on the floor 100x100 with marble effect. realization of an isolation from the vertical water lift system to give independence to the apartment.
complete restoration of the electrical system and complete renovation of the corrugations, installation of veils and LEDs, creation of plasterboard lighting bodies to give light to the corridors.
products by morandistudio
photos by michel zylberberg

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